What types of business people in Hawaii are accepting the venture capitals?

If you have achieved successes and more ideas to succeed, investors may show interest in listening to you.

If you are already successful but your own funds are limited and most of your own funds are already invested in your business, and you are more comfortable to have extra cash about 200,000 to 300,000USD with you, you may consider to sell some of your company stocks to the investors or issue some more stocks to the investors. So that you may be able to receive 200,000 to 300,000USD from them.

● 間接金融(銀行からの融資等)という発想とは別に、直接金融(投資家から直接投資してもらう形)に興味がある方
You are dealing with banks already. But you are not comfortable to pay their high interest to the banks.

You are interested in dealing with venture capitals, as well as Kobayashi Consulting Firm.

● ベンチャーキャピタルを入れて、自分の株を多少、譲渡したとしても、それ以上の売り上げ向上、それ以上の利益、第三者からのアドバイス(コンサルティング)により今までにない展開になれば、私はこれからの時代は、どんどん、ベンチャーキャピタルを受け入れるべきだと考えている。
I am feeling that VC is good idea because even though giving some stocks to the investors I still make more profits. So in order for my company to grow more I feel dealing with VC constantly is important.

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