You can take advantages of this method of easy cash making.
Follows are some of the examples you may take a look at:

If you are successful at the first already established business and are looking for another branch or subsidiary, and rather than spending 100% from your pocket, you can now deal with our VC to fund to do the branch or subsidiary.

You may still keep over 50% stocks so that you can still control you company even after investors possess some stocks amount. Important point is investors are going to invest because ‘you’ are good. If you are not in the business, investor will never invest your company. So that don’t worry about the control. Investor must ask you to control your company, not someone else.

Unlike borrowing from banks you are not asked to pay the interest or principals back to the investors even if business fails. Investors are making decisions to invest because they think your company grows more if they inject their funds. But if not, don’t worry. You don’t have to return the funds because you are not borrowing the funds but you were invested from them at their own risks.

Another advantages of this method is that my company `Kobayashi Consulting Firm` will also support your business with our abundant experiences and networks.

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